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Welcome to

which contains my portfolio, eArticles and developments for you to download and use in your own implementations.

Im a Leicester based web designer and developer. I work with the internet every day so website design, development, SEO, analytics and usability testing is my bread and butter!

The internet is a fantastic place for so many different reasons. If you're a company who wants to reach more customers it can help you do so; if you're an individual who wants to express an opinion, again the internet is the tool for you. However not everyone has the know-how to make the most of what is the most influential powerful media of our time. is based in Leicester and can design you a unique website. Develop your online brand and through analytics prove your ROI. I can also provide consultation to ensure the performance of your new or existing web site is at full strength.

Hopefully you will find this website an invaluable and entertaining resource.  I write many articles about technology and website development so I'm sure because you have found this website already, you will find something of interest to you. 

I also make some of my developments available to download.  I spend a lot of time developing these mini-projects so I charge a small fee for their download.  It enables me to continue work on them without breaking the bank for anybody who can make use of them.