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  • Targeted Joomla Search Results Banner Ad - JSearchAd

    JSearchAd logoJSearchAd - The best way to display targeted banner ads in your Joomla! search results.

    JSearchAd is a lightweight easy to use Joomla! plugin that opens up the value of the Banner component in Joomla! even further.
    Once installed, by simply adding meta keywords to your banners, when a user searches your Joomla! website, if they enter a keyword that matches what you have specified in the meta keywords, the banner is displayed.  This means the users of your website will see the banners you want them to.

    By pushing your users to areas of your site, you can increase conversion more effectively.

    Tip: Set up Google Analytics on your Joomla! website and look at the search terms being entered by your users to ensure you trigger banners for your most common searched terms.

    JSearchAd can also automatically set the necessary utm variables for Google Analytics tracking.  This means you can easily see in your analytics which banners are performing the best.

    For a small payment of £6 you can download using the button below.  This will allow you to pay securely through your paypal account.
    I have used PayLoadz to enable my product downloads which works great.  So you will see that you are directed to paypal via PayLoadz.

    Once payment has cleared you will be emailed a download link.  Please make sure you donwnload the .zip file within 5 days.

    How to install JSearchAd (Video)



    1) Buy JSearchAd using the Buy Now Button above

    2) Download the plugin via the link sent in your email

    3) Log-in to your Joomla! administrator area

    4) Go to Extensions ->Extension Manager -> Upload Package File

    5) Browse to the file you downloaded and click the Upload and Install button

    6) Go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager and search for "banner" (You should now see the JSearchAd plugin "Search Banners")

    7) Click on the plugin name

    8) Change the status to "Enabled" and the Search published to "On".  If you want to automatically track using Google Analytics you can also turn this option on by selecting "On" for "Enable Google Analytics Tracking".  Then click Save

    9) Now go to you banner by going to Components -> Banners then select the banner you want to appear on your search results page

    10) Click on "Publishing" and enter the keywords that you want to trigger the banner in the "meta keywords" box separated by a space

    11) Click Save

    12) Your banners will now be triggered when users search your site using these keywords.