I have recently stumbled into a problem with a media section of a site I am working on where users can view video clips.  As is the norm now-days, I am using an flv that progressively downloads from my web server to the client.  The area is pretty much like a YouTube section of the site where the user picks or searches from a database of video clips, then upon choosing their clip views this on another page.

The problem reared its ugly head because unlike youtube, this site used a menu that drops down over the flash video.

This is easily curable using the wmode=transparent  parameter that allows elements to be displayed over the flash object.

<param name=”wmode” value=”transparent”> – to be added to the OBJECT tag
wmode=”transparent” – to be added to the EMBED tag



A custom 404 error page can be invaluable in retaining traffic to your site which would have otherwise been your competitors.

In some cases it may be broken links on your site that cause a 404 error, but with so many link checking programs available (many for free) this can be easily remedied.

However, a good proportion of your traffic probably comes from search engines. If you are a well indexed site and you are redesigning your website you could be in for a nightmare situation, where many of your indexed pages become defunct.


Developing websites normally consists of a few elements. Design your layout, code your pages, sort out your graphics, upload your files, test, debug, upload your files, test, debug, upload your files, test, de… ok you get the idea! What takes the time more than anything is the testing, especially when it comes to developing for all those browsers.

That’s why XAMPP is a god sent! Basically XAMPP sets up a web host on your local computer meaning you no longer have to keep uploading the files, but you just need to refresh your browser and view the changes. Trust me, this saves an enormous amount of time.


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