Retro arcade building on a budget

Sometimes the challenge is not just to get these old games up and running, but it’s to get them up and running for as little cost as possible. The main factors that will increase or decrease your budget are, how retro-you-wanna-go, the physical setup your aiming for and how much work you …

Setting up Lakka for the first time

Lakka is an incredibly lightweight Linux distribution which means you can get Retro Arch up and running on just about anything.  This could be a Raspberry Pi Zero or UDOO, but also you can run it on that PC or laptop you still have laying around doing nothing.  Now that …

Setting up Retro Arch Playlists

Retro Arch is, in my opinion, one of the greatest developments for retro gaming.  It’s no surprise that many developments such as Retropie uses much of the Retro Arch development to run.  It’s great for controller mapping and it’s great for assigning stable emulators to ROMs to get the best …

Playing Back to Skool an old time fave

I remember being blown away with the graphics of Back to Skool (the sequel to Skool Daze), how the Spectrum differentiated the elements with such a lack of colours available still amazes me.  It was a quality game that today would probably get banned for promoting firing catapults in School! …

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