Playing Back to Skool an old time fave

I remember being blown away with the graphics of Back to Skool (the sequel to Skool Daze), how the Spectrum differentiated the elements with such a lack of colours available still amazes me.  It was a quality game that today would probably get banned for promoting firing catapults in School!


So you start off outside in the school grounds and the first thing you will notice is your girlfriend… twit-twoo!  She is one handy chick to know as well, because you can reduce your lines by kissing her.  Just don’t get caught.

Keeping your lines down while completing your mission of removing your report card from the headmasters safe, is the aim of the game.  You have to figure out a bizarre number of tasks to accomplish this goal.  And one thing is for sure.  It ain’t easy.

To play this game I recommend using Fuse, the free Spectrum emulator, because the original is such a great piece of work.  There is a PC remake called The Klass of 99, but this is more of a remake of Skool Daze than Back to Skool.  In the Klass of 99 (the PC remake) there is no girls school and it’s much easier to complete.

The first objective is to find the water pistol which is hiding in one of the school desks.  This can be a laborious job, sitting down at each desk and opening her up.  It’s most probably in the girls school (it has been 9 times out of 10 for me), so it’s worth getting in there and looking first.  While you’re at it, you should also find some stink bombs as well.


You will also see lumps moving along the floor in the school, these are mice, by pressing ‘c’ (for catch) Erik bends down to catch the mouse, bingo-bango.

Next you have to use the water pistol to fill the cups near the stairs.  By standing on the stairs and firing your catapult at them when a teacher is underneath.  If it hits him, he’ll tell you a number.  When you have four numbers go to one of the classrooms and write the numbers on a blackboard.  Dilly-ding-dilly-dong the bike is now unlocked.


You must now get the top window near the headmasters office open. To do this you need to let off a stinkbomb when he’s coming up the stairs towards you (you obviously need to be up there first).  He’ll give you some well deserved lines and then open the window.

Now it’s time to target poor old Albert by firing you catapult at the right time out of the top window. You will hopefully hit a conker in the tree which will bang Albert (poor fella) on the head.


Next up is to get on your bike and ride it into the gate, this is for later when you have to get over the gate.  Then wait for Albert to lock the gate and walk towards the school door but don’t go all the way through it.  Hopefully Albert will lock the door trapping you in the playground.


You need to get in the girls school and all the way up to the study to fill the water pistol again.

Go back to the cups once more and again hit the teachers on the head to gain more letters.  Same as before, write them up on a blackboard to gain a key.

You have to grab a frog that is in the science lab and then wait for the next playtime.  You have to bike into the girls school and get the frog into the cup by standing again on your bike.  Then get out.



You will need to wait until the next playtime before you can cycle back in and fire your catapult at the Headmistress when she is under the frog-filled cup.  The frog then escapes and you have the all important key to the headmasters safe! Hally-loolier!

Hopefully you have a few lines to play with, because now you need to follow the headmaster into his office and jump up to the safe to complete the game.


It will take you a long time and if you get caught out skipping classes at the wrong point, or in the girls school in the wrong place, you will rack up lines like you won’t believe.
Keep kissing your girlfriend to reduce lines and make sure you run away when you’re being told off.

Oh yes… running.  Make Erik run in Back to Skool by pressing shift-o or shift-p.  Took me ages to find that out!

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