Sometimes you happen across a marketing campaign that really makes you sit up and think… now that was genius. This is such a time. Old Spice have launched an online campaign that has taken the Internet by storm in the last few days and will surely be used as a case study in how to create a major buzz online.

As always with this type of campaign, the simplicity is astounding, there must be marketing agencies around the world saying “how the hell have we not thought of that!”.


The campaign

Old spice had their celebrity actor Isaiah Mustafa film several commercials and asked viewers online to tweet questions. The filming of the initial commercials would have took several weeks but the genius was in the follow-up.

When questions were tweeted they filmed responses from Isaiah in a bathroom with just a towel and bottle of old spice shower gel responding to the question. This was posted within an hour of it being asked. Now that’s no mean feat. Especially as they also injected some humour into the responses.

The impact was, as could be expected, huge. They have had over 4m YouTube hits, 70,000 Twitter followers and countless video responses and web bloggers like me responding to this campaign. Proctor and Gamble are laughing all the way to the brand awareness bank!

The fact they responded so quickly was the key to this success. Even Demi Moore asked for a response via her tweets!

It’s an example of how agencies are really pulling out all the stops to create the next best campaign and using online media to do it. Online enables such a quick response and has done for a few years now, so it’s a wonder something like this hasn’t been tried before. You can bet your bottom dollar it will be again now!

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