I came across this video of a concept phone, the Mozilla Seabird, recently and it’s the first time I’ve thought the future really could be fully handheld.

It’s common knowledge that smartphones are outselling desktops 2 to 1 and many business-folk are leaving their laptops at home in favour of taking out their iPhone or Android powered device. However in both these cases the reasons can be easily explained. Smartphones are outselling desktops because many households would use just one desktop whereas a mobile (smartphone) each family member wants one. Also the majority of houses are also equipped with desktops, wherease smartphones are a relatively new technology.

Business-folk on their travels can also do many of the tasks on their smartphone that they can on their laptop such as email and catch up on documents/presentations. But at the end of the day they will probably return home to be productive on their home computer.

But what’s interesting here is the incorporation of the pico projectors in the mobile device and the projected keyboards either side of the device. That’s what makes me sit back and think – this is a development that would make mobiles productive.

I know this is a concept device – but look at what this could open up if it became a reality.

Possibly, with a small separate flip-out screen, you could set up office anywhere just by projecting from your device onto the screen and away you go.

Ok, so battery life on this would probably be in the region of 10mins, but that’s with technology as it stands. Also if you’re being productive with your device, the likelihood is you’ll be in one place long enough to warrant docking the device.

I also love the Haptic clicking device – now that’s a controller!

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