webpage_badgeMy first venture into the world of affiliate marketing was with which has done relatively well since its launch last year.  I learned a lot designing, building and maintaining that site and so thought I would apply those lessons to a new project.

There are literally hundreds of voucher code, discount and “bargain” websites out there, but one thing that struck me with all of them was the busy, throw-every-deal-we-can-find nature of them.

It took time and effort to trawl through the offers and in this fast paced life we all lead, I doubt many people have that time.
This is why I have come up with the concept of
It literally is 1 webpage containing 1 deal for 1 day.  Then “tomorrows another deal”  If the user isn’t interested in the deal then its only 5 seconds out of their life.  If they are interested – then happy days!
I’m going to spread the word about the site using social networking as well as offline marketing.  I’ve also developed the site to be a different experience if the user is browsing on an iphone.  Turning the same webpage into a custom app.
So – check it out… you never know – there might be a deal just waiting for you.  It’ll take all of 5 seconds*
*not applicable if you’re browsing on a 386pc and 15k modem.

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