So within the next 24 hrs we are going to be witnessing the dawn of a new era, the phoenix rising from the flames, the revenge of a scorned facebook victim! Well, maybe nothing quite so dramatic. But we will be exposed to the all new myspace.

With an all New logo (which i’ve already blogged about) and what is promised to be a new cleaner design to “showcase you and your interests”, the new myspace will apparently be more magazine-like for content and more tv-like for video. This all sounds good to me as I felt the current design was a mishmash of widgets and content you were interested in was too hard to find.


I hope that myspace has found something of a middle ground between control of the design and flexibility of allowing customisation. In comparison to the current mobile os’s, a sort of in-between an ios platform and android. If they have they will be on to a winner.

Myspace will let you add friends and then make it as easy as possible to share your discoveries of music, games and tv shows. This will be building a massive pool of data in the background which will be analysed to push you recommendations based on your interests.

myspace stats

The new myspace will also let you Sync all your social accounts for simple sharing across networks. Myspace are obviously hoping you will use their website as your hub rather than leaving to talk about your interests.

To me this all sounds very impressive and a much needed step in the right direction for myspace. What has surprised me though is the marketing, or rather the lack of it, surrounding the launch. A fair amount of coverage online was made of the logo change, but apart from that nothing much has been announced about the new myspace. Certainly not when you compare the coverage a new feature like “Facebook Places” received.

This just goes to show how much ground myspace has lost over the last few years. I only hope this new site can help it grow once again into the powerful online presence it once was. This will only be a good thing for the Internet as too much emphasis is now put on facebook and google – we need some competition!

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