Well, it’s finally here, Apple’s keynote for 2011.  Their major event this year where they intend to blow us away with the latest tech
wizardry they’re incorporating into their flagship device, the iPhone.


After all the rumours and guesswork comes the facts.
Will it be an upgrade iPhone 4GS or will they leap into an iPhone 5?  Maybe they will astound us and do both?


Here it is – 6:00pm London time.


Tim Cook takes the stage, the new CEO (sorry got to say it… miss you jobs!).
Apple go through their usual “This is Apple – this is what we have achieved” intro.
70% of the portable music market is impressive though!



Nothing on the iPhone as yet.  Although it does appear a Japanese website has mistakenly put up a iPhone 4GS for sale?
Woops has that let the cat out of the bag?


Apple own 5 percent of the mobile market (global), I actually thought it would be more?  They also think one day everyone will own a smartphone, hummm, yep!


I’m concerned at this point.  We’re 15 mins into the keynote and nothing on anything new.  Maybe there’s not that much to say?


Right first new development:


iPhoto cards – you can now mail “cards” from your iPhone?  Really?  Are we looking at e-cards as a new feature?  oh.



iOS5 features, which we already know about are now being presented.  iMessage (Blackberry messenger anyone?) and the newios5-hero notification system for starters.  Let’s face it, notifications did need fixing.  At least they’ve made sure of that.
Twitter integration as well, tweet tweet tweet from all areas of your iPhone – those messages are going to be so much more interesting now!
iCloud’s (oct 12 release) going to change everything apparently.  Maybe it will, maybe it won’t depends if Apple do it right.
It will be nice to set up the new phone without syncing to iTunes though.  Oh yes… new phone, isn’t that what this is meant to be about?
Friends and Family locator app?  Hopefully as long as they check-in, otherwise that’s a bit wierd?
iTunes match – pulls info from the cloud to help you sort out your music library, now that might be useful.  Although not exactly cutting edge.


New iPod Nano – has Nike+ built in.  That’s pretty cool especially as you have no additional sensors to buy.  Might get one of those beauties.


Here it is… iPhone 4S
A5 chip – 
7 times faster than the 4!  Not bad, thank you.
Also allows for games with more detail, like infinity blade2, only available for the 4S.


Antenna switching – for switching between transmitting and receiving, a new feature never been achieved before.  This means upto 14,4Mbps, that’s quick.  That’s real 4G!


New camera – 8mp and 33% faster capture. Who made that, was it Sony?  1080p capture – whooohooo HD! all the way.  Real-time stabilisation and face detection – impressive.


Assistant (only on the 4S) – Ask your phone a question, it gives you the answer.    You ask in real language as well, not pigeon speak.
Siri?  What kind of name is that?assistant
So, you ask “What’s the weather like today?” and you get a response… “Look out of the window!”.  Hopefully something a little more helpful.  But really, are we all going to be talking to our phone with no real person on the other end?
Siri can also set appointments/reminders (ring wife?) and reply to texts through your spoken voice.  Again, will we really use this?  Or be far too self conscious?  This is basically because of the deal with Nuance apple struck earlier in the year.
Seems harsh to make this only work on the 4S as it must be software based and the 4 is more than capable.


Ok, so Oct 14th release date – 16GB $199, 32GB $299, 64GB $399.  In black & white and you can buy an iPhone 4 for $99.




So here’s my “Sum it up in a nutshell”…


A5 processor making it 7x faster, that’s cool as is the improved camera although 8mp is hardly groundbreaking.  Quick capture is good though as phones are notoriously bad for speed.
The Antenna switching which makes this such a fast phone needs to be proved.  Let’s hope they tested it this time eh!
The whole Assistant thing?  I just can’t see it, I might be wrong but really?  Talking to your phone to organise your life?  That’s worse than wearing a bluetooth earpiece which is basically reserved for absolute goons!

The combination of iOS 5, the iCloud and the faster improved 4s specs may save it and keep it as the sought after device.  The Assistant… maybe apple’s dropped the ball!

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