This could be the shortest blog post I’ve ever made. It’s simple just visit your best choice for a local Leicester web designer! … :)

Seriously though, how do you go about choosing a good trustworthy web designer that will suit your individual need.
It’s one very difficult decision and not one that you can take lightly. This new investment you are about to make is your shop window for the world to gaze into.


Before you start researching who to use, first ask yourself why you want a website? What is the objective? This is the single most important factor that will make or break your website. There are some fantastic web design agencies that can provide pretty much any solution you throw at them. But some will have a particular flair for certain areas, so it’s best to pick one that’s a good match with your objective.

All web design agencies have to build up a portfolio of websites to be successful and just like an actor that plays a certain role very well, they can get typecast. Therefore an agency that starts off building a website for a restaurant for example are more likely to be exposed to others in the same marketplace. It makes sense. If you’re a restaurant looking for a new website – you’ll look at other restaurant websites and the agencies that have built them. Therefore when you visit the agencies website – look at their portfolio and see if they have developed anything in your field. After all, there’s no substitute for experience.

websiteThe next point to consider is the DIY approach. Depending on the complexities of what you need, i.e. if you just want your company contact information online or you want to start up a blog. With just a little bit of technical know-how and time, there is no reason you couldn’t give it a go yourself. Blogger is fool-proof if you want the simplest solution for blogging and wordpress is a fantastic tool for setting up a simple website that looks good quickly.

If you don’t want to get your fingers dirty though, then ask any friends/colleagues that have had websites designed, do the research and see a few agencies before making the choice.

Try picking an agency that’s local. This way you can have meetings easily at the crucial stages of the project. The initial meeting is vital – the agency should put you at ease and should instill confidence in you from the outset. If they look like they are glazing over at your input, it’s probably best to avoid as they are probably missing the point.
They should also ask you why you want a website, what you want to do with it and how you would like it to grow.

Think about the long-term. Some agencies will make it impossible for you to update the website yourself, therefore forcing you to use them again… for a cost. Think about the parts of the website you need to be dynamic, maybe database driven. This may cost a little more initially, but long term will pay you back.

Finally, make sure you keep records of all your details. Login usernames, passwords, ftp access, hosting providers and domain registrations. This way, if the agency ever goes under your website doesn’t go down with them.

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