pinterestI want a Pinterest invite. Simple. How do I get one?
I think the new social-flickr-type-site looks really interesting and want to get started on my pinboard asap.

Pinterest is a new social network in the making and is currently only available by invite only. With just over 17,000 users at time of writing it is early days, but the fact it has already had almost 1 million pins placed on its users boards shows how engaging this concept is.

As I don’t have an account as yet, I’m hardly well placed to review the new “stealth start-up”. But if it’s first impressions that count then I’m willing to bet on this beauty. What most people will notice is it’s creative design and fantastic engaging concept, but what I think will make Pinterest a winning website is the possibilities that will open up when they have developed the inevitable APIs that will allow any website to incorporate “Pins”.


Just how Facebook traffic ballooned when they launched their “Like” button and Twitter’s audience grew massivly when “Tweet this!” appeared on virtually every blog, you can easily see how “Pin this” will work brilliantly for extracting small snippets of info from websites (pics, videos, quotes) and storing them on your pinboard. As these interests are all search-able and can be discovered though the people you are following it will propagate the content for sure.
If you get a snippet on a board and you can view the full content on the source through a link – it will be in the website owners best interests to include the new “Pin this” code.

There’s a lot going on at Pinterest and like I said, it’s early days. From their blog it looks like the staff are having a cracking time developing the new social site, so good luck to them.

If you currently search on info surrounding Pinterest you will be overwhelmed with stories of the new myspace ripping off their design. If this is the case or not, I don’t really care. This PR story will not be the making of Pinterest. The making of Pinterest will be the creativity of this new concept, the hard work of some talented developers and hopefully the invention of some usable APIs that us webmasters can integrate to help propagate good quality content online.

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