broadcastI’ve just realised I’ve developed a new obsession.  It crept up like a sneaky stealth like burgler without me noticing and has started to take over my life.  It’s not eating pies – although I have had a fair few recently, I would have noticed the considerable weight gain.  It’s not buying new gadgets either – although it is closely related.  My obsession is connectivity.  Getting all my gadgets connected over my home network.  Why is this important?  That’s a very good question!

Looking back, I think it started when I bought my Philips stremium WAC7000 back in 2006.  I first of all bought the main centre station for the front room and a sub station forthe dining room  then later went on to buy another sub station for the main bedroom.  I toyed with the idea of one for the bathroom, but thought I was taking things to far.
I loved the fact I could store all of my music in one place and stream it to other rooms with no wires attached.  At the time it felt like pure magic and although in reality I was only human and could therefore only be in one place at once – it didn’t matter.  I would broadcast the music to all three sources and sit back smugly thinking how good that was.  Obviously I would be having several house parties any time soon and therefore this would be worth every penny.  It’s now 2011… still no house parties.


A few years may have gone by, but in that time I have had a few laptops and smartphones – all of which I have been battling to connect togther and with my streamium to see if I can share their lovely resources.  Varying success has been achieved.  I’ve certainly had my laptop playing tunes off my streamium and visa-versa and I’ve had the wii connecting to my laptop playing video and music.

But recently, in the last few weeks – the simmering need to connect my gadgets has gone into overdrive.  Why?
Because I’ve purchased two new gadgets.  A Seagate GoFlex Home 2TB hard-drive and a 2nd gen Apple TV.

These two items have brought together the following items.
Front room TV, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Streamium, wii and laptop.  Fully connected – I’m loving it!
Not only that, but the connection has manifested itself out of the house.  I can now log-in to my GoFlex from anywhere with an internet connection and access my media!  Bang!  That’s connected!

Being able to connect my streamium to my networked attached storage (NAS) has increased the 30GB capacity to 2TB!  I spent weeks stripping down a streamium so that I could install a new hard-drive.  It worked… but it wasn’t easy!

It’s also vastly increased the media that I have access to from my iPad and iPhone – Lovely!  Glad I only brought a 16GB iPhone and 32Gb iPad now.

Finally it has meant I can store mp4 videos on my NAS and stream these to my Apple TV for playing on the main TV in the house.

The only drawback is with the last peice of the connectivity jigsaw.

I have to have my laptop on for Apple TV to recognise the iTunes server on the NAS drive.  Damn!  This has meant the solution I have in my house is tainted.  Why should I boot up my laptop to play something on my hard-drive on my TV.

Well the answer is, I don’t have to put up with this.

I can jailbreak my Apple TV, install xbmc and use this to stream movies and video from my NAS.  Perfect!
Only, I don’t have a MAC running iOS and therefore have to wait for Firecore to release a windows version of Seas0nPass so I can do the necessary.

According to the Firecore blog this will only be a couple of weeks.

Or, I could buy a MAC.  After all.  That’s something else I can connect up!

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