twitter follow meIn 3 months how many real twitter followers can I get… that actually want to follow me?

I blog. As you can tell from the fact you’re reading this – I blog. Therefore I have something to say. It may not be interesting to everyone, but I’m sure there are many that would find it a good read.

My point is that there are millions on facebook updating status’s or on Twitter… tweeting, when they really haven’t got that much to say. But those same people have 1000’s of friends (or fans if they have a group/fan page), or have thousands of followers, even though they just re-tweet or post the same post automatically through a third-party api which merges keywords together works a bit of black magic then automatically follows 500 people. Point is, all these people are creating a following when they really have little to say.


I’ll admit, it’s not always the case. There are some that put in the work. Publish original content – that’s actually interesting – and deserve to be followed. But for every single one of these people, it seems like there is a hundred that’s playing the system in some way.

I want to see if it’s possible to gain real twitter followers that are actually interested in what I have to say.
To do this I’m starting from a certain point, setting a certain goal with certain commitments and measuring exactly what happens.

  • The date (as the observant amongst you would have seen from the top of this post) is 22/07/2010
  • My Twitter account is
  • I have 83 follwers,
  • I’m following 53 people,
  • I’ve tweeted 38 times,
  • …and I’m listed in 7 lists.

This is by all circumstances a pretty average twitter account.

My mission is to generate a thousand real twitter followers in 3 months.

The guidelines

  • No use of any third party APIs that automatically follow, automatically purge, automatically tweet, automatically boot up my computer – logon to twitter and send out tweets!
  • No re-tweeting irrelevant content
  • I can blog about whatever I like
  • I can tweet about my blogs
  • I can tweet about content related to my blogs
  • I start today
  • I publish a twitter follower count on October 22nd 2010 (hopefully 1083+)

That’s it – let’s see how it goes!

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