Well I’ve just watched the press conference delivered by Steve jobs of apple and I have to hold my hands up and say fair doos Steve, you’ve hit the nail on the head!

The press coverage and internet hype this problem has stimulated is nothing short of unbelievable. If this was any other device than the iPhone (or at least another apple device) then this simply wouldn’t have happened.

Everyone want s to knock successful people off their pedestals and in the case everyone wanted to knock the brilliantly successful apple off there rightful top spot of the worlds best smartphone manufacturer.

Fair enough, I’m an apple enthusiast (I’m even blogging this on my iPad) but even I was persuaded by the media hype about the iPhone 4’s antenna problems to jump on the bandwagon and start criticising a device I hadn’t even held.

I have held one now though and I have to say it’s a cracking bit of kit. Ok it’s expensive, but you have to admire the design, you have to appreciate the usability and you have to love the build quality.

It’s a damn good device… Simple as that.

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