I love TV adverts, I know many people hate them and feel they interrupt a good program – but I love’em!

There’s simply too many quality adverts to include them all in a list, it would go on forever and anyone stumbling across this blog at work would surely get the sack should they watch them all. I don’t want to be responsible for making a load of people jobless – so instead I’ve decided to focus my attention on adverts solely within an area close to my main interest and that’s technology.

To give my collection of videos some sense of order, I’ve cast my mind back to my technological journey through life. Looking at all the adverts for every computer and console I’ve had the pleasure to own.

Now some of these adverts actually contributed to me parting with my hard earned monies. Others I never knew existed. But one thing’s for sure – there are some classics here.

I’m going to attack this in chronological order, starting off with a tech-defining product from that bloke who is famous for also inventing one of the worst products of all time, Mr Clive Sinclair. Yes – it’s the…
ZX spectrum 48k and spectrum+

My next tech purchase was to be the last before I ventured into the console world. One thing I could remember about this advert was the tune – quality!


Commodore Amiga 500

For any child of the 80s/90s there is one very important decision to make. Sega or Nintendo. There was never a case in these times of Sonic and Mario meeting in the same game. Never should the two meet as they were sole representatives for two of the biggest rival organisations in the world.
My choice was Sega, step forward the…


Sega Master System

I had already made my choice. The next console was a given, bring on 16Bit gaming and probably the most awesome control pad ever invented.


The Sega Mega Drive

I felt again it would be a natural progression, but how wrong I was.
This was the first ad to really sell a console to me.
“The ultimate games console… that changed everything”
“500MB of power – used only for gameplay!”
…who could resist!


Sega Mega CD

Dissapointed by the lack of games for the Mega-CD, I felt let down by Sega and decided to revert back to my old faithful Commodore. So I brought…


The Amiga CD-32

Once again I was let down by the fact there was about 3 games ever released!

Then came along what had to be the first serious step-up in gaming since the Mega Drive. Although, how it was ever a success with this initial launch advert I’ll never know!


The Sony Playstation

It was a case of history repeating itself. Just like the progression from Master System to Mega Drive, I had to progress from the PS1 to the PS2. Unfortunately Sony also repeated history with another terrible advert.


The PS2

You would think form there I would go on to the PS3. But no. I grew up and bought the far less serious…


Nintendo Wii :)

OK, I hear you. “Neil – you told us it was 10 Awesome adverts!”.
Well I’m afraid I only brought 9 computers/consoles (minus PCs, Laptops, IPads that kind of thing, but those ads are just dull).

I want to still give you 10 of the best and through my searches for the above ads I’ve been side-tracked onto some absolute gems.
From these gems I’ve picked a diamond to finish this post off and here it is.
This isn’t an ad for a console or computer but rather a game.
A game I enjoyed as a young’un and until now a game that I didn’t realise had such a fantastic ad.

Just check out how the game footage is interspersed with real life footage. It really is a wonder they didn’t have to display a caption of “Not actual game footage”.

The game is…


Pole Position

Bet you’re glad I could fit that one in.


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