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Open Source software is the best thing to ever happen to the web. Joomla! is a prime example of that. Here I publish articles on everything Joomla, from the best extensions I've found to how to best optimise Joomla!


Mobile has become part of our lives, the use of smartphones has increased dramatically and we need to embrace its use. Read my articles on the mobile landscape .

Web Design

I went reflection crazy, drop shadow silly and now I'm basically flat... flatten everything! So here I write about the latest design trends.


I love my gadgets. So here I write about the latest gadgets I would love to own or in many cases I do own.


It's all very well building a first class website, but you still need to gain the exposure to make the most of it. From email marketing to SEO, I write about how we can best market our websites.


The cop-out category! Sometimes I want to write about something random, so if I do... this is where I'll put it!